Getting a Tourist Visa


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Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN), the Congolese wildlife authority, has an agreement with Direction Générale de Migration (DGM), the Congolese immigration service, to facilitate obtaining 2-week, single entry tourist visas for people visiting Virunga National Park. The cost of the visa is USD $105.

To qualify for a tourist visa, you must first purchase a mountain gorilla trek permit, a Nyiragongo trek permit, or book and pay for accommodation at the Mikeno Lodge.

Treks or accommodation linked with the purchase of a tourist visa through Virunga National Park are non-refundable.

Once you have a booking and have received confirmation of your payment, you will also receive an order number. Please proceed to the online visa application, enter your order number at the top of the form, fill in the remaining fields, and click submit. Please allow two weeks to receive confirmation of your visa approval. Please print a copy of your confirmation and present it to immigration authorities at the “Grande Barrière” border crossing in Goma.

You can also arrange your tourism visa through a registered tour operator. Click to view our list of trusted tour operators.

Tourist Visa in Review:

  1. Only available online through or via a trusted tour operator
  2. Only valid in combination with a paid in full park permit
  3. Cost is USD $105
  4. Single entry and valid for 14 days from day of entry
  5. Most applications processed within two weeks
  6. Yellow Fever vaccination may be required for access into the country
  7. The Directorate of Immigration (DGM) reserves the right to reject a visa application
  8. Please cross into Goma at the “Grand Barrière” NOT at the “Petite Barrière”

Have a booking, payment confirmation, and order number?