Trusted Tour Operators Recommended
by Virunga National Park

Although the park does not endorse any travel agency, as a courtesy to visitors we have compiled the following list of local tour operators:

Amahoro Tours prides itself in being an established leader in community-based tourism and ecotourism in Rwanda and the DR Congo. Our tailor-made tours guarantee a maximum of interaction with the local population and intimate experiences of beautiful nature.
Specialties: Tailor made trips in Eastern DR Congo and Rwanda, hotel bookings, gorilla permits, car hire, airport transfers, etc.
Base of operations: Ruhengeri, Rwanda
Languages of operation: English
Contact Information
Telephone: + 250 788687448 (Rwanda)
Address: Market Street, Musanze, Ruhengeri, P.O.Box 87, Ruhengeri, Rwanda
Go Congo
Go-Congo is a Tour Operator active throughout the DR Congo including a (private)boat service on the Congo River between Kisangani and Kinshasa. We have representatives and guides in Kinshasa, Kisangani, Mbandaka, Goma and Lubumbashi. We work with the National Parks such as Virunga, Kahuzi Biega, Epulu, Kundulungu and Lomako.
Contact Information

  • General Director : Van Roten Michel +243 81 18 37 010 (DR Congo)
  • Operations Manager : Evelyne Makitu : +243 998 16 23 31 (DR Congo)
  • Our Kivu agent : Jacques Kambale Sherty +243 994 37 97 33 (DR Congo)
Address: Avenue Boboso 43, C/ Limete, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Green Hills Ecotours
Green Hills Ecotours, Ltd. is a team of local tour guides specializing in both scheduled and tailor-made private ecotours and safaris in DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. Since 2006, Green Hills Ecotours has offered tourists an experience of a lifetime. We also provide our clients with the chance to help empower local communities by visiting their development projects or by participating in one of our volunteer programs.
Specialties: Green Hills Ecotours offers a wide range of services for individuals, families, students and small groups. Our travel packages include the following: Nyiragongo volcano climbs, wildlife tours, Congo River expeditions, gorilla trekking, community based-tours, bicycle tours, volunteerism, hotel booking and airport transfers, and car hire.
Base of operations: Gisenyi / Rubavu – Rwanda
Languages of operation: English, French & Swahili
Contact Information
Email: or

  • +250 788 21 9495
  • +250 722 22 0000

Skype: Greenhills-ecotours
Address: AP.O.Box: 225 Gisenyi – RWANDA

Kasitu Eco Tours
The team of Kasitu Eco Tours welcomes you to the Switzerland in Africa. We invite you to discover Africa’s best kept secret, an exciting natural and cultural experience of a still widely unspoilt part of the continent. We are an established leader in community-based tourism and eco tourism in Northern Kivu. Our tailor-made tours guarantee a maximum of interaction with the local population and intimate experience with Eastern DRC’s beautiful nature. We cooperate with an extensive network of community organisations, international NGOs and likeminded private companies.
Specialties: Promoting a high-quality visitor experience in an environment which benefits an increasing number of local people directly. We specialize in tours to Virunga National park, Kahuzi-Biega National Park, lake Kivu and the surrounding region. We can also arrange transport to and from international airports in Kigali and/or Entebbe.
Base of operations: Goma, North Kivu, DR Congo
Languages of operation: French, English, Swahili
Contact information

  • +243997728103 (Congo)
  • +243998858405(Congo)
Address: 284, Avenue du Lac Kivu, Himbi 2, Goma,Nord-Kivu, RD Congo

Inspired Journeys
Inspired Journeys is a travel agency specializing in adventure travel in East Africa, with a specific focus on Virunga National Park. Inspired Journeys was established by people that have worked in Virunga National Park and as such are very knowledgeable about the attractions and the possibilities it offers our guests. We have our own professional private guides specialized in eastern Africa and Virunga. Travel with us and we will offer you the experience of a lifetime. Be Inspired!
Specialties: Adventure travel in Virunga, Private guided trips, Multi-week trips combining other east African destinations with Virunga (Kenya/Tanzania/Rwanda/Uganda)
Base of operations: Tanzania
Languages of operation: English, French, Dutch & Swahili
Contact Information

  • Cai Tjeenk Willink: +255783483067
  • Ethan Kinsey: +255787146058
  • Sarah Tjeenk Willink: +255774514144

Kivu Travel is a travel agency specializing in the Great Lakes region and particularly in Kivu. It’s Belgian and Congolese partners are experts in this area and have an excellent and large network. Kivu Travel promotes responsible tourism in this region, which truly is a paradise of flora & fauna! Its people are extraordinary, and see the tourists as a promise of renewal for their country! Kivu Travel is definitely the best partner to show you Kivu in a secure way and lets you discover its natural wealth and its friendly population by also visiting socio-economic projects supported by KT.
Specialties: Specialized in international travel to the Kivu region; including visits to Goma, Bukavu, Virunga NP, Kahuzi Biega NP, Garamba NP, Epulu NP, Rwanda, Burundi.
Base of operations: DR Congo & Belgium
Languages of operation: French, English & Swahili
Contact Information

  • Eric de Lamotte : + 32 495 586 807 (Belgium)
  • Roger Paluku : + 243 81 31 35 608 (DR Congo)
  • Michel Verwilghen : + 32 476 399 783 (Belgium)

Mapendano Voyages organizes tours in DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. See their website for more information.
Contact information
Email: /

  • +243999816555 (Congo)
  • +250785003693 (Rwanda)
  • +250788761069 (Rwanda)

Website: (Japanese)
Address: BP 122 Kigali, Rwanda

Okapi Tours and Travel Company is a company registered in Democratic Republic of Congo with a head office in Goma. The company organizes tour programs in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya. Our primary goal is to promote a high-quality visitor experience in an environment which will be a benefit to everybody.
Specialties: Travel in the great lakes region of Africa and throughout the entire country of DR Congo.
Base of operations: DR CongoLanguages of operation: English, French, Spanish
Contact Information