Breaking News: New Tourism Visa for Virunga National Park

The Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature – ICCN (the Congolese Wildlife Authority) has now signed a ground-breaking agreement with the Direction Générale de Migration – DGM (the Congolese immigration service), to facilitate the process of obtaining Tourism Visas for people visiting the National Parks of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This new visa will greatly facilitate the crossing of the border into the DRC and therewith the numbers of tourists that can visit Virunga.

At the moment Virunga National Park is the only ICCN entity that has included the visa apllication process into it’s operation. Since last week you can acquire, pay and apply for a visa via our website Virunga National Park will then facilitate the processing and approval of your visa. Please be aware that although this visa is valid throughout the DRC, at the moment it is still new and will only be accepted at the overland borders in North Kivu: Goma/Gisenyi(Rwanda) & Bunagana (Uganda). If you have any questions about the visa please contact our tourism office.